Covid-19 Policy and Advice Notes

Attending meetings and events at Fairmount House

Our priority is to maintain Fairmount House as a safe workspace. If you are visiting the building, please follow these steps:

Before arrival

  1. If you are feeling unwell, or have any COVID symptoms, please do not travel to Fairmount House.
  2. Please take a lateral flow test before visiting our premises, and only attend if it is negative.

Hand hygiene

We encourage regular hand washing and also have in place hand sanitising stations.

IPEM Documents

Closure of the Shared Temporary Register from 1 November 2021

ACS Certificate of Attainment revised guidelines for application and assessment interviews in response to the COVID-19 outbreak 

Advice Notice: Summary Report on Workforce Preparedness for Deployment of TOPAZ Mobile X-Ray Units
Published: 13 May 2020   

Advice notice: Update on new ventilators, testing, allocation, delivery, commissioning, instructions for  use, training, breakdown, repair, return to manufacturer and reporting  
Published: 6 April 2020   Review Date: August 2020 

Volunteering opportunities during Covid-19
Published 2 April 2020

Royal Academy of Engineering Call for Auxiliary Support Engineer volunteers 
Published 15 April 2020

Advice Notice: Converting Anaesthesia machines from Oxygen driven to Air driven for use in intensive care
Published 27 March 2020    Review Date: August 202

Advice Notice: Considerations regarding equipment donations
Published 27 March 2020    Review Date: August 2020

Briefing: IPEM support for Covid-19 initiatives
Published 30 March 2020

UPDATED: Mental health guidance for members
Published 07 April 2020

Radiotherapy Board approved guidance for testing non-surgical oncology healthcare workers and asymptomatic patients attending oncology departments for elective treatment
Published 09 June 2020

Department of Health/NHS Documents

NHS Health and Wellbeing support posters to download
January 2021

Deploying the healthcare science workforce to support the NHS clinical delivery plan for COVID-19
Published 07 April 2020

Department of Health and NHS England: Guidance on handling donations and loans of medical equipment to hospitals
Published 07 April 2020

NHS England and NHS Improvement: Coronavirus guidance for clinicians and NHS managers
Updated 06 April 2020

Joint statement from NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and the Department of Health Northern Ireland on working in a modified role
Published 30 March 2020  

Guidance for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings
Published March 2020  

COVID-19 oxygen supply ALERT
Published 01 April 2020  

Propofol from vets - urgent safety issue
Some vets are now being asked for or are offering drugs to hospitals. One drug used by vets and doctors to maintain anaesthesia is Propofol. One of the veterinary products has a preservative (benzyl alcohol) in it that can be toxic if given to excess, as might happen if a patient was in an ICU and Propofol was being used in the long term. 
Published 02 April 2020

National ventilator procurement and allocation process - overview for Clinical Engineers
Published 20 April 2020

Oxygen and ventilator allocation and distribution
Published 08 April 2020

Resource shortage, escalation and National Loan Programme for COVID-19 in England
Published 07 April 2020

NHS Confederation: Getting the NHS back on track. Planning for the next phase of Covid-19
Published June 2020

Care Quality Commission

Changes to IR(ME)R procedures
Published 01 April 2020


Regulatory status of software (including apps) used in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with Covid-19
Published 05 June 2020

Guidance for industry
Published 03 April 2020

Recent Medical Device Safety information from the MHRA

Reporting Medical Device Adverse incidents

Yellow Card reporting site

Published 04 May 2020

Temperature screening products

Published 3 July 2020

COVID-19: the perspectives of Clinical Engineers across Europe
Wednesday 29 April 2020 at 4pm 
To watch it click here

International Atomic Energy Agency Covid-19 webinars

EFOMP webinars

Health and Safety Executive
IRR17 considerations at new field hospitals
Published 07 April 2020

HSE - ONR regulatory position statement on IRR17 arrangements during Covid-19
Published 11 May 2020

British Institute of Radiology
Covid-19 resources
Updated 04 May 2020

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
Ventilator guidance

Health and Care Professions Council
Covid-19 temporary register

Royal Academy of Engineering
Covid-19: Engineering a resilient future
Published 09 June 2020

Manufacturer Documents
Information shared from manufacturers regarding Issues to address when using anaesthetic machines as ventilators:

GEHC Water Filtration COVID 19  Bulletin 

GEHC COVID 19 Off Label Anethesia for ICU Ventilation 

Draeger Customer Letter COVID 19

International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering Documents
The International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) is primarily a federation of national and transnational societies. These professional organizations represent interests in medical and biological engineering. The IFMBE is also a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), where they are uniquely positioned to influence the delivery of health care to the world through Biomedical and Clinical Engineering.

International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering Website

Ventilator Information on different grades and how production is increasing along with downloadable ventilator plans for manufacturing

Radiotherapy (Royal College of Radiologists) Documents
The RCR has created a repository of advisory documents for cancer treatment during the pandemic. This resource is for clinical teams managing cancer patients. It has been made available freely for the benefit of clinical teams across the UK and around the world. As such it may be accessed by anyone be they a healthcare professional, patient or a carer or any other member of the public. The resources in the library have been written by and for clinicians and therefore, the language and context is not patient or public orientated.  Access the repository here

Royal College of Physicians
The RCP is committed to supporting the global response to COVID-19 and its members who are at the centre of the NHS response. Access their Covid-19 Information Hub here

Royal College of Anaesthetists
Access the CovidD-19 online hub for anaesthetists and intensivists here.

Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Incidental findings suggestive of Covid-19 in asymptomatic patients undergoing nuclear medicine procedures in a high prevalence region
Published 01 April 2020

Elsevier Covid-19 Information Centre
Elsevier’s free health and medical research on Covid-19
Updated 08 April 2020

IOMP shared articles
Covid-19 articles

Worldwide update June 2020

Reprocessing of Personal Protective Equipment
Published April 2020

UK International Hospital Management Association (UKIHMA)
Covid-19 Pandemic Preparedness - UK Expertise to meet a global pandemic

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance for Nuclear Medicine Departments
Published 15 April 2020

Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: What the Nuclear Medicine Departments Should Know
Published 20 April 2020

The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
The role of Nuclear Medicine for COVID‐19 – Time to act now
Published 17 April 2020

This is clinical engineering
Podcast by Basit Abdul: Everyone Benefits if Clinical Engineers Are Involved in Decision Making

Other information
During the pandemic IPEM continues to take sensible steps to maintain community safety and respond to ongoing Government advice, including:

IPEM events and conferences are currently taking place online and will be recorded for attendee benefit.
If you have any event-related queries please contact

Since 1st October Fairmount House is no longer open only to IPEM staff. However all meetings must be pre-booked, and attendees must report to reception and have their temperature taken.

Some IPEM staff will continue to working remotely when suitable and these arrangements have now been implemented. IPEM remains open for business and continues to support our members.

Our Communities of Interest are now open to non-members as we encourage our members and the profession to share Covid-19 best practice.  
If you are a member and haven't used them before you can access them here. 
If you are not a member contact us on so we can give you access.

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