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Logo International Day of People with DisabilitiesSince its inception in 1945, the United Nations (UN) has outlined and reiterated its commitment to calling for the creation of inclusive, accessible and sustainable societies and communities. Over time, the UN has honed its focus on promoting the well-being and welfare of people living with disabilities, and in 1992 called for an international day of celebration for people living with disabilities to be held on December 3 each year. 

IDPWD exists to make sure that environmental and social barriers are identified, and to help everyone to work together to overcome them.  We will never eradicate health impairments…but by overcoming barriers, then we eradicate disablement.


Inclusive Document Design 

Cover of the the Creating Inclusive Documents bookletto celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities Dr Heather Williams, The Christie Hospital, and Caroline Briggs, University of Cumbria, have written a blog to highlight best practice in making documents accessible for all.  

The content of this blog is now available as a booklet.  To get the fully accessible version (with Alt Text) you need to download this pdf, not just view it online.  

Please distribute widely!


 Spectators at a baseball game showing Equality vs Equity Day 1 - Why accessibility matters 
   Day 2 - Making Documents accessible

 Day 3 - Making Data accessible

 Day 4 - Making multimedia accessible

 Day 5 - Assistive technology apps and other useful links


This blog was written by Dr Heather Williams from The Christie Hospital Manchester and Caroline Briggs from the University of Cumbria




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