5th July celebrations and the queer link between medical physics and a midsummer night’s riot

A blog in 5 parts...
written by Dr Robert Farley (and going live to in July to celebrate  #LGBTSTEMday)


Day 1 – Monday 1 July 2019

A queer history – How the riotous past has an impact on LGBTQ+ lives today

  Day 2 – Tuesday 2 July 2019
Why does this matter? 50 years of history from a personal point of view
Day 3 – Wednesday 3 July 2019
The link between medical physics, healthcare & LGBTQ+ people

Day 4 – Thursday 4 July 2019
The evolution and continuing importance of LGBTQ+ Pride
Day 5 – Friday 5 July 2019
LGBTSTEM Day and the role professional bodies like IPEM can play in supporting LGBTQ+ engineers and physicists 


The Pride in STEM organisers put together a fantastic tool kit for people to get involved in the day in 2019 - from hosting film screenings to participating in a massive Wikipedia-edit-a-thon.  

Remember IPEM members can join the LGBT+ Community of Interest -
 contact Rob directly by email or through the CoI or contact the IPEM National office

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