Structure of IPEM 

IPEM supports the work of scientists, engineers and technologists whose work is applied to medicine or biology, or to advancing public education in the field.

IPEM's committee structure diagram can be downloaded HERE.

IPEM's governing body is the Board of Trustees, which is supported by two Councils - the Science, Research and Innovation Council and the Professional and Standards Council - as well as subcommittees and panels. A full list of all committees and membership of each committee will be uploaded here soon

List of IPEM Committees

Board of Trustees
President's Advisory Committee
Finance and Business Planning Committee

Science, Research and Innovation Council

Professional and Standards Council

Course Accreditation Committee

Public Engagement Committee
Professional Conduct Committee

Special Interest Groups Chairs' Panel
Engineering Registration Panel
Engineering Policy and Standards Panel

Engineering Course Accreditation Panel
Honours Nominations Panel
Fellowship Panel 
CPD Audit Panel 
Radiotherapy Professional Standards Panel 
Prizes and Awards Panel 

SCOPE Editorial Board

Special Interest Groups

Clinical and Scientific Computing 
Diagnostic Radiology Special Interest Group (DRSIG)
Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group (MRSIG)
Nuclear Medicine Special Interest Group (NMSIG)
Physiological Measurement Special Interest Group (PMSIG)
Radiation Protection Special Interest Group (RPSIG)
Radiotherapy Special Interest Group(RTSIG)
Rehabilitation & Biomechanics Special Interest Group (REBSIG)
Ultrasound & Non-Ionising Radiation Special Interest Group (UNIRSIG)



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