IPEM 2025


IPEM 2025 captures and shares our new strategy for the organisation. In highlighting areas of strategic focus it sets out how we intend to support professional development, improve healthcare and transform lives together over the next five years, and outlines the next steps we will take to achieve the outcomes we are all focused on delivering.

In this strategy document, we explore the three major areas of strategic focus, namely:

Professional Development

Providing excellent learning and development services that meet the needs of the professional community of physicists, engineers and technologists working in physics and engineering in medicine and biology in hospitals, academia and industry.


Growing and nurturing a vibrant community of practice through our membership, with high professional standards at its core, outstanding volunteer engagement and a real commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.


Championing the importance of professional knowledge and innovation, identifying and raising awareness of the key challenges that lie ahead for physics and engineering in medicine and biology and being a trusted and effective voice for the profession.

Next steps include a refreshed, long term plan for our journals, a strategic approach to knowledge management and a new IPEM website. 

We are also delighted to introduce our new brand, both in the document and in the short film above. It will help us support the creation and delivery of bold, dynamic, clear and consistent communications for IPEM in both the real world and digital environments.

"IPEM’s mission is to improve health through Physics and Engineering in Medicine. Our vision is one in which professionalism drives improvements in diagnosis, treatment and care, transforming the lives of patients. Our members, the professional community of medical physicists, biomedical engineers and clinical technologists working in hospitals, academia and industry around the world are the people who deliver our mission and vision."

Professor Stephen O'Connor, President, IPEM


This is an exciting progression for our organisation, which we look forward to delivering. Do let us know what you think: communications@ipem.ac.uk

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