Full Membership

Is for Physicists, engineers or technologists employed in healthcare, academia or industry who are registered OR for those employed in academia with a PhD.


Becoming a Full Member sets you apart – clearly demonstrating your commitment to pursuing the very best in professional achievement in practice, research and development.


In addition to the benefits of Associate Membership, an IPEM Full Member will:

  • be able to use the post nominal MIPEM for professional recognition and as an indicator of professional status;
  • free online access to our three prestigious international journals, PMB, MEP and PM
  • be part of a network of scientists, engineers and technologists who can influence the future of your profession;
  • be able to apply for one or more professional registrations from the Engineering Council and the Science Council.

For further details, to see if Full Membership is for you, please read our information sheet here.


If you would like to apply to IPEM for Full Membership, please complete and sign the IPEM Full Membership application form here.  Ask a healthcare professional, who works at the same or a higher level than you to verify the information in your application form.  


Once signed, your completed application form can be scanned and sent via email to membership@ipem.ac.uk


Our annual membership fees can be found here.


Read about the career background and the journey to Full Membership for Alex, Jessica and Anna below:


Alex Grimwood, Postdoctoral Training Fellow at the Institute of Cancer Research                    

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       Jessica Johnson, Clinical Scientist at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

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Anna O'Neil,  Senior Clinical Technologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust                  

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