Professional Conduct 

The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, as a professional body and a learned society, takes the professional conduct of its members very seriously.  All members are required to comply with the Institute's  Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct. and may be subject to the Institute's Disciplinary Procedure when in breach of this Code. The Code was updated in line with proposals from the Professional Conduct Committee, and approved by Trustees in January 2018 and reviewed in January 2019.

To see the outcomes of Professional Conduct Committee proceedings, click here.

Further information may be obtained from the Secretary to the Professional Conduct Committee at the Institute's office in York.  If you wish to report a concern that a member has breached the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, please write to the Secretary of the PCC in strict confidence. Your enquiry will be dealt with in accordance with the Institute's Disciplinary Procedure.

Members who are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as Clinical Scientists are also required to meet the standards of professional conduct required by HCPC and  be subject to its disciplinary processes.


The Institute is licensed by the Engineering Council to register Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Engineering Technicians (EngTech), and by the Science Council to register Chartered Scientists (CSci), Registered Scientists (RSci) and Registered Science Technicians (RSciTech). 

It is a condition of those licences that the Institute's Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure meets minimum standard specified by the Engineering Council and by the Science Council, which it does. It is a condition of registration that Chartered Engineers, Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians, and Chartered Scientists, Registered Scientists and Registered Science Technicians meet the standards of professional conduct required of them as registrants.


The Register of Clinical Technologists has its own Code of Conduct and Registrants are subject to its Fitness to Practise procedure which was developed by the RCT Management Board.

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