Affiliated Societies

Association of Renal Technologists (ART)
In January 2003 a formal partnership between IPEM and ART was created. This allowed ART to use IPEM resources and gave ART members many of the privileges of IPEM membership. ART continues as an independent organisation, but its Executive Committee also becomes an additional IPEM Special Interest Group, to represent the interests of renal science and technology within the wider IPEM community of science, engineering and technology applied to medicine and biology. This representation is through participation in IPEM's Science Council Meeting.

Other Aspects of Partnership
ART was involved with IPEM before this formal agreement in projects relating to the education, training and professional recognition of Renal Technologists. ART contributed the Renal Technology section of the syllabus for a BSc in Clinical Physics Technology, which is part of the Training Scheme Prospectus for Clinical Technologists specialising in Physics and Engineering in Health Care, first published in October 2001. ART was also the first of two partners to join IPEM in the promotion of the Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists (VRCT) and has joined with IPEM and the IET in the VRCT application to the Health Professions Council for statutory registration for all Clinical Technologists.

IPEM's Rules on Affiliated Societies (as approved 3 September 2013)


Affiliated Societies may be recognised by the Institute where they represent groups of scientific, engineering or technical staff that are within the scope of physics or engineering applied to medicine or biology and where, in the opinion of the Trustees, there is mutual advantage for them to be formally affiliated to the Institute.



Affiliation will be effected by a Memorandum of Agreement between the Institute and the affiliating society, which will set out the detailed relationship between the two organisations. 


Members of Affiliated Societies will receive benefits and privileges as set out in the relevant MoA, except that they shall not be entitled to be nominated for any office of the Institute that is open to election by members or appointment by the Trustees, or to vote in any proceedings of the Institute, unless they are also individual Voting Members of the Institute in an appropriate membership category.


Members of Affiliated Societies may be members of IPEM committees or sub-committees.





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