Other organisations we work with

British Nuclear Medicine Society

The BNMS is an organisation concerned with the clinical practice, education, research and development of nuclear medicine within the UK. Membership of the BNMS is open to those who have a substantial interest and involvement in the provision of nuclear medicine services. The Society is a registered charity, which works largely through its members to promote the clinical benefits of the speciality.



British Society for the History of Radiology

Formerly the Radiology History and Heritage Trust, became the British Society for the History of Radiology following a very successful centenary celebration year. The joint founding societies are BIR, IPEM and CoR, later joined by The Wellcome Trust, The Scottish College of Radiologists, The Irish Radiologists and, from time to time, the British Museum. There are also about 4 independant members who have expressed a desire to belong or provide particular expertise.


CASE (Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education)

IPEM is one of five Member Organisations that make up CASE which was formed in 1993 and exists to ensure that the education and training of sonographers in the United Kingdom is delivered at the highest level. CASE's philosophy is to promote best ultrasound practise through the accreditation of those training programmes that develop safe and competent ultrasound practitioners. The majority of its activities relate to supporting those Institutions that offer, or wish to offer courses leading to the award of a Masters, Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate in Medical or clinical Ultrasound.
Each member organisation is unique and has its own obligations to its membership and its own agenda while CASE brings them together to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas in which shared views may be synthesised, and thus inform education and training programmes.
Further information can be found on the website at www.case-uk.org

CASE is looking for IPEM members to join its team of accreditors.  More information can be found here.

Engineering UK

Engineering UK are an independent, not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote the vital contribution that engineers, and engineering and technology, make to our society. They also aim to inspire people at all levels to pursue careers in engineering and technology.

Previously known as the Engineering and Technology Board (ETB), they work with partners across business and industry, education and skills, the professional engineering institutions, the Engineering Council and the wider science and engineering communities.


Society of Radiological Protection

The Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) was founded in May 1963 and now has over 2000 members. It is a Professional Society incorporated by Royal Charter (2007) and is a Registered Charity (No. 264337).

The Society’s objectives are, in brief:

  • To promote the science and art of radiation protection

  • To disseminate knowledge and support relevant education

  • To promote high professional standards to the public benefit.

The SRP operates a partnership agreement with other UK societies involved with Radiation Protection such that members of Partner Societies (including IPEM) are eligible to be International Members of SRP and affiliated to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). IRPA provides for international co-operation in all aspects of radiological protection including the holding of international congresses and symposia. International members of SRP (including those of IPEM) are entitled to attend SRP Scientific meetings at SRP Member rates.



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