Radiotherapy Board

The Radiotherapy Board is a partnership between IPEM, the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR). Established in April 2013, it aims to support the delivery and development of radiotherapy services in the UK.

IPEM’s representatives on the RT Board are currently (March 2021) Karen Venables and Vic Cosgrove.

The Radiotherapy Innovation Fund - This is an evaluation of the Prime Minister's  23m Fund.

Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) in the UK: Current access and predictions of future access rates - Report published July 2015


Clinical Imaging Board  (CIB)

The Clinical Imaging Board (CIB) is a partnership between IPEM, the RCR and SCoR, established in September 2013. The CIB provides guidance, oversight and support for the continuing development of high quality clinical imaging services for patients in the UK.

IPEM is currently (March 2021) represented on the Board by Professor Stephen O'Connor, Dr Martin Graves and Phil Morgan.

MRI Equipment, Operations, Planning in the NHS April 2017 can be downloaded here

Additional MRI Equipment is needed to deliver a world class imaging service.  April 2017  Download here

CIB's Vision Document can be downloaded here

Their survey of CT scanning equipment in the UK (June 2015) can be downloaded here.


CIB Patient Information Posters

The posters which share a common design, and can be used together or separately, as required.  Click on the links to download your free copy.

Nuclear Medicine  Dental X-rays  CT Scans  Symptomatic 
X Rays  Tests using


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