Global Clinical Engineering Day

Global CE Day is a worldwide celebration recognising the important contributions of clinical engineers to healthcare and is celebrated on 21 October each year.  




An introduction to Global CE Day

Basit Abdul, IPEM's Vice President International, introduces Global CE Day

Global Clinical Engineering Day videos

Last year the team behind the UK’s Global Clinical Engineering Day contribution won two top awards for highlighting the work of clinical engineers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This year we have taken a segment from that video to create a shorter version to promote Global CE Day which you are free to download and share too.

Several videos have also been added to a Global CE Day playlist on IPEM's YouTube channel: 


How to promote Global Clinical Engineering Day in your hospital

We will be writing  a letter to all Chief Executives in hospital trusts which have a clinical engineering department urging them to visit their department and show their support.

One of the best and easiest ways of spreading the word is to get in touch with your Communications Department.  They can help you with getting the message out on your intranet and internal / external channels.  Here are a few tips of how to write something to help promote the day:
   Title – concise and to the point
   Teaser – a sentence that explains what the article is about
   Article text – maximum 250 words
   Images – all images should have relevant consent /copyright - why not use the Official LOGO (see above)
   Links and attachments – related documents / links - once ready you could link to the YouTube video  (see above) 

IPEM's Vice President International, Basit Abdul, has also created content and tips on what to do to help raise awareness: Global Clinical Engineering Day 2021

IPEM engineering and career resources

We have a number of leaflets, posters and career films which you can use on open days, careers visits and science fairs.  These are free to order or download.

Careers Leaflet Engineering Careers Video This is Engineering video


Gait Analysis
Poster and Leaflet          
Nuclear Medicine           
Poster and Leaflet
Poster and Leaflet 
Poster and Leaflet
Poster and Leaflet
Physiological Measurement
Poster and Leaflet





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