Special Interest Groups

Clinical ComputingIPEM's Special Interest Groups play a vital role in IPEM as they oversee scientific activity in particular areas of scientific or engineering endeavour. They fulfill some key functions such as:

  • Providing a body of expertise within the Institute on a specific area of science or engineering
  • Planning and delivering a programme of scientific and educational meetings
  • Produce authoritative publications
  • Encouraging and developing evidence based practice
  • Monitoring the development and impact of new technology and relevant legislation and standards
  • Encouraging liaison between members working in different environments, e.g. academia, industry, and hospitals
  • Commenting on workforce issues and impact of policy changes in the area of endeavour
  • Supporting and encouraging relevant educational programmes.

There are 10 Special Interest Groups and they are reflected in our equivalent Communities of Interest where activities are communicated and discussed.

Please join them if you are interested (open to non members as well).


Clinical and Scientific Computing

What is Clinical and Scientific Computing?
Clinical Engineering  What is Clinical Engineering?

Diagnostic Radiology

What is Diagnostic Radiology?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

Nuclear Medicine What is Nuclear Medicine?

Physiological Measurement  What is Physiological Measurement?

Radiation Protection What is Radiation Protection?

Radiotherapy What is Radiotherapy?

Rehabilitation and Biomechanics Engineering What is Rehabilitation and Biomechanics Engineering?

Ultrasound and Non Ionising Radiation What is Ultrasound and Non Ionising Radiation?



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