Getting started

Are you interested and want some advice?  Here are some tips on how to get started depending on where you are: 

At school / doing A-Levels:

  • Focus on obtaining good science based GCSE and A-levels
  • If you don't want to go to university you can check out these NHS apprenticeships
  • Start looking at the UCAS website to identify physics or engineering courses which you might find interesting  (and check their entry requirements)
  • Look at the NHS careers website for Careers in medical physics and clinical engineering
  • Visit the medical physics / engineering department during an open day at your local hospitals
  • Consider work experience or volunteering in a hospital or a patient facing role   
  • You could also look at HNC or HND courses in Engineering and use these to gain entry to a work-based training scheme in a hospital or in industry.
  • Many clinical technologists training posts are hospital based so you need to find a job first. (If you search in NHS Jobs or NHS Scotland for “clinical technologist" you may find some available on a trainee basis).  Many now require a science degree for this.
  • Consider an apprenticeship to get started.  Check the main government website here
  • Information for international students interested in apprenticeships 
  • If you are interested in apprenticeships you should check your local hospital as so far most apprenticeships are on a local level and not nationally coordinated.   This might change and then they would be available on the NHS jobs website (see above)
  • Watch our careers videos on YouTube


At university / doing an undergraduate or MSc degree:

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At university / doing or have done a PhD:

If you are not staying in academia but want to work in the NHS:
Some hospitals will employ you at a lower level and allow you to train as a Healthcare Scientist and eventual clinical registration via a so called "Route 2".  See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more details on Route 2

If you want to work in industry:

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