Making a Difference - The IPEM Careers Films

Watch our careers video "Making a Difference - Physics and Engineering Careers in Medicine"  to see what different areas there are in the profession.  

This is freely available and can be used in all science career events and outreach activities in schools, hospitals and universities. All films are also on YouTube.  If you would like a copy please contact Eva McClean and we will arrange a file transfer via a Transfer Website (the files are too large to email).

We also have two more specific careers films - a Medical Engineering Careers film and a Medical Physics Careers film, which can be used in outreach activities where the focus is on one area rather than providing an overview. 

These films include some footage from the above overview video but also cover additional areas and careers in either engineering or physics.


Making a Difference - Physics Careers in Medicine




Making a Difference - Engineering Careers in Medicine



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