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There are a thousand things you can do with a physics or engineering degree, but applying it to medicine and biology is something you might have not thought about. 

If you don't want to be stuck in a lab but want to work in a team of people, do something useful which affects peoples' lives positively, then this might be a career you want to look into.

If you think medical physics or clinical engineering could be something for you, have a look at our career leaflet. It gives you case studies of our members telling you how to got into the profession and what they like about it.

Or check out our careers film:  "Making a Difference - Physics and Engineering Careers in Medicine"


Resources for Teachers - ready made lessons

The Teaching Medical Physics resources are designed for teaching 14-16 science using examples from medical physics and are available to download free from the IoP website. The resources consist of six sets of presentations, worksheets and teacher notes .

  Pulse Oximeters     Ultrasound Scans
  X-Rays    Electrocardiogram
  Gamma Cameras    PET Scans

Subject Posters 

IPEM has produced a number of posters and leaflets describing the science and scientists involved in key areas of medical physics and clinical engineering.  This is a new series and we are developing more.   To see the whole suite of posters and leaflets click here.  
Please contact Eva McClean at the IPEM office if you want to order any free of charge. 



Educational events and activities 

Engage with one of our volunteers
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering is a great subject to get students interested in, especially girls.  If you want to arrange a visit to a medical physics department, or have one of our members to give a presentation we are happy to facilitate the initial contact. We work with a group of enthusiastic volunteers but they all have full time jobs so we can't always guarantee that someone will be available.  Please contact Eva McClean at IPEM.

Take students to a free Big Bang Science Fair (click for more information)

Healthcare Science Week activities (click for more information)

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