Social Media

IPEM's main twitter account is @ipemnews ( and there are a number of twitter accounts from Scope and the  Special Interest Groups (SIGs). 

@IPEM_UNIR_SIG - Ultrasound and Non-ionising Radiation SIG

@IPEM_NM_SIG - Nuclear Medicine SIG

@IPEM_MR_SIG - Magnetic Resonance Imaging SIG

@IPEM_RP_SIG - Radiation Protection SIG

@IPEM_RTSIG - Radiotherapy SIG

@REBSIG_IPEM - Rehabilitation Engineering & Biomechanics SIG

@IPEM_technet - Set up by the Technologists Advisory Group

@IPEMScope - Scope magazine’s Twitter account

@IPEMConferences - the National Office conference Twitter account


The official IPEM account


Social Media Guidelines

For members we have published Social Media Guidelines.  Should you have any questions about Social Media at IPEM please contact Paul Barrett or Sean Edmunds on

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