IPEM Student Prize for best project

1.          Qualifying Courses

IPEM, as the UK professional body for the application of physics and engineering to medicine and biology, considers requests from universities and other higher education institutions for the accreditation of  MSc degree programmes in medical physics, biomedical engineering and related subjects. 

2.          Qualifying Students

Students on a one-year course or on the final year only of a multi-year course will be eligible to be considered for the student prize, if their final-year projects relate to an application of physics or engineering to medicine or biology.  It is not a requirement for prize candidates to be Affiliate Members of IPEM and IPEM members should not receive any preference over non-members in the assessment.  However, it is hoped that Course Leaders of IPEM-accredited courses will promote IPEM Affiliate Membership to all students.

3.          Application and Approval

Applications to participate in the IPEM Student Prize Award Scheme should be made by the Course Leader on the official application form.  Applications will be considered from existing IPEM-accredited courses and from courses for which accreditation applications are being made.  In the latter cases, approval for participation in the Student Prize Award Scheme will be considered as soon as the course has been accepted, in principle, for accreditation.

4.          Prizes

(i)    Each prize shall be named “The IPEM prize for…[best project etc.]”, as set out on the application form.

(ii)  The decision on best project (or equivalent) shall be made by the university, and the request for payment submitted to the Prizes and Awards administrator together with the name of the prize winner.

(iii)The prize winner will be sent, via the university, a Prize Certificate and a cheque for £250.

5.          Publicity

(i)       The university will send a digital photograph of any presentation ceremony at the university for publication of IPEM’s website

(ii)     The prize winner write an article about the course and the prize-winning project for possible publication in SCOPE or on the IPEM website.

6.          Notice and Termination

IPEM will give notice of at least one academic year that the scheme will be discontinued (e.g. due to lack of funds).


IPEM Accredited courses will be contacted and asked to nominate and award the prize.  if you have any questions please contact Marie Goodall

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