Clinical Technologists Training, The RCT


IPEM Clinical Technologist Training Scheme

Our Clinical Technologist Training Scheme (TTS) offers:


  1. a robust, externally validated education and training framework for clinical technologists

  2. recognised, formal clinical technologist training, within the core scopes of practice, ensuring a workforce fit to practice

  3. access to registration on the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT); and

  4. a route for clinical technologists practicing outside of the core scopes of practice to achieve an IPEM diploma in clinical technology.

Full details of the scheme can be found in the IPEM Clinical Technologists Training Scheme HandbookTrainee technologist


How to apply

  • An applicant must first be employed as a Trainee Clinical Technologist in an IPEM Accredited Training Centre
  • Applicants should liaise with their Training Co-ordinator in order to complete the TTS application form  
  • A copy of the applicant's academic qualifications should also be provided with the application form together with a training plan and the training centre's competency list for the RCT Scopes of Practice. 


IPEM Associate Membership is FREE for the duration of the training scheme, but applicants must apply via a separate application form. This should be returned together with the TTS application form.


TTS calendar: key months

  • Two intakes each year, beginning: April and October
  • New applications received: March and September (end of)*
  • New trainee Induction days: May and November
  • Portfolio submission dates: March and September
  • Vivas: May and November

*New applications not received by the end of March and September respectively to be included in the April and October intakes will be held until the next available intake. 



Every TTS trainee is allocated two moderators: one external and one supporting.  For more information on these roles see the TTS Handbook and visit IPEM Moderators.


A single fee of £650.00 to cover a maximum training period of 24 months applies.  

Any trainees requiring an extension to this training period will need to re-apply to the scheme and an additional rolling six month pro-rata fee will be payable.

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