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Engineering Council professional registration is open to anyone who can demonstrate the required professional competence and commitment.  The required knowledge, understanding and skills are set out in the Engineering Council's professional standard, UK-SPEC, and can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. It is a common misconception that you will only be eligible for professional registration if you have an accredited engineering degree, but all round professional competence will be the deciding factor.  If you would like to apply for Engineering Council registration we recommend you read the latest information for potential registrants here.

The Engineering Council's '2018 Pocket Guide to Professional Registration' is a guide developed for use by all those working within the professional engineering community.  It explains the relationship between the many organisations working within this community and provides key information about registration with the Engineering Council, the registration titles and the literature.  It also includes a page on each of their Licensed Members as well as a page on each of their Professional Affiliates.  The booklet, which is also known as 'the pink book' can be found here.

How to apply for Engineering Council registration through IPEM
IPEM holds a licence to assess Engineering Technician (EngTech), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Chartered Engineer (CEng) candidates for registration.  You must be a member of IPEM at the point of application - if you are not already a member please visit the Join IPEM page for more information on the various levels of membership and the application process.  The current Engineering Council registration entry fees and subsequent annual registration fees can be found here.  Applicants for registration will be charged the registration entry fee initially and then the annual registration fee each year along with the appropriate IPEM membership subscription.  For all applications, any overseas qualifications will need to be certified by NARIC so please include a NARIC certificate with your application form if appropriate. 

For information about EngTech registration applications please click here.
For information about IEng registration applications please click here.
For information about CEng registration applications please click here

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