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Information for Trainees

IPEM has a number of support groups and activities for trainees on different training programmes.  We encourage all trainees to get involved, take up networking opportunities and participate in various committees, groups and activities.

Community of Interest

We have a closed online community for STP and Scottish Trainees.  This is only open to trainees and you can safely share your experiences and ask questions there.  Non Members are also welcome and can sign up on our Communities of Interest site (top right hand corner) .  There is also a Route 2 Community.

Guidance Notes for STP Trainees

The guidance notes, produced by IPEM's Special Interest Groups (SIGs), contain suggestions of activities which would fulfil the requirements of the competencies, Direct Observation of Practical Skills (DOPS), Case based Discussion (CbD) and Observed Clinical Event (OCE) in the Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering STP programmes. They can be downloaded by clicking on the names of the guides below.  

For a full introduction and list of contributors in Medical Physics please click here.
For a full introduction and a list of contributors in Clinical Engineering please click here 
Medical Physics    
Specialism Guides:    
 Imaging with ionising radiation  (IIR)
Radiotherapy (RT)
   Imaging with non ionising radiation (INIR)      Radiation safety  (RS)
 Rotations - all in one document
Rotations - Imaging with Ionising
   Rotations - Radiation Safety
Rotations - Radiotherapy
   Rotations - Professional Practice
Rotations - Imaging with Non-Ionising
Rotations Rehabilitation Engineering Clinical Engineering 
  Clinical Measurement  Medical Device Risk Management and Governance
  All Rotations in Engineering  


Rough Guide for STP Trainees

This guide has been written by former trainees who want to pass on their experiences of the training. It includes a host of useful hints and tips on how to best get through your STP training which are split into seven main areas:

1. Abbreviations and definitions
2. Practical training
3. Assessments
4. Write-ups for OLAT competencies
5. People
6. OSFAs
7. Problems

To download the guide please click here

Trainee Induction & Specialism Day

Every year IPEM hosts an induction day for trainees which is a great networking event for all new trainees as well as specialism and final year trainees. We get very good feedback on this event - apart from meeting fellow trainees in other centres it also introduces attendees to IPEM officers, staff and trainees who started their STP specialism.  The next Induction Day normally takes place in January in York.

Interested in joining IPEM?  As a Trainee you would be eligible for Associate Membership and details can be found here.

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