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STP Curriculum Review re-started

Medical Physics

The STP curriculum review, which paused during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, restarted in June. The reviews are now underway again, reshaping and reviewing the curriculum along four specialisms, re-aligned to diagnostic radiology and radiation protection, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy physics, and imaging with non-ionising radiation.. An IPEM representative sits on each review panel, and two, one for magnetic resonance and one for ultrasound, on the Imaging with Non-ionising Radiation Panel. Each representative have been provided with the collated views of IPEM members expressed through the surveys as well as relevant workforce data.


Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Protection

Nuclear Medicine

Imaging with Non-ionising Radiation

Clinical Engineering

National School of Healthcare Science initiated a review of the Clinical Engineering curriculum in January 2020.


National School of Healthcare Science initiated a review of the Bioinformatic curriculum in October 2019. IPEM was unable to secure a volunteer available to sit on this review panel.


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